Dierre Group

Industrial and commercial refrigerators in Legnaro

Dierre Group is a company headquartered in Legnaro, in the province of Padua which specialises in industrial and commercial refrigerators. Our team of technicians are fully qualified and highly skilled, and with 40 years in the business behind us, you can rely on our vast experience. We offer clients a 24/7 support service, which ensures that we'll be there when you need us.

Our services

Dierre Group is well known for the manufacture of high quality refrigerated display units and industrial refrigeration systems. However, the firm’s strength lies in the extensive range of services we make available to our customers, including full installation and maintenance services, and an after sales service that's the envy of our competitors.
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The industrial sector

Dierre Group offers a selection of products focused on the industrial sector, such as refrigerated transportation which is now essential to a large number of businesses. We also work closely with the pharmaceutical industry, where the utmost care is required due to the delicate nature of the goods being transported, and we continue to invest heavily in the important and constantly growing area of ice fabrication.
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Frigorifero farmaceutico a Legnaro

For more information write to us at info@dierre-group.com

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