Industrial sector

Manufacturing refrigeration units 
in Northern Italy

When it comes to the industrial sector, Dierre Group focuses in particular on refrigeration in the pharmaceutical industry, refrigerated transportation and the production and sale of ice makers. The market for ice makers and refrigerated transportation units has been steadily increasing over the last few years, due to factors such as the demands of fishmongers in inland areas, for instance. Dierre Group specialises in the manufacture, sale and installation of refrigerated units for all businesses in this sector.
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Pharmaceutical sector

Some industries require more specialised equipment than others, such as the pharmaceutical industry, where the damage caused by malfunctioning units can be extremely dangerous. Dierre Group provides high quality professional equipment to research centres and the medical sector in general which allows for the constant and precise monitoring necessary when dealing with stored medicines.

Refrigerated transport

Drinks and especially foodstuffs require the utmost care in how they are transported as they are vulnerable to sudden changes in temperature, as can sometimes occur with refrigerated transportation systems. For this reason it is crucial that only systems made by trusted, reputable manufacturers are used, and Dierre Group, with 40 years of experience of supplying guaranteed products, is one such company. 

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